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Smile About This Prosthodontics Solution From Family Dental Associates

At Family Dental, we’re experts in a variety of areas with the goal of helping our patients achieve healthy mouths and confident smiles. We even have Margate cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics specialists, which means we can provide you with a consultation to determine if solutions such as crowns and bridges are appropriate for your needs.


Crowns are specialized coverings designed to conceal and restore decayed, cracked, or damaged teeth. Our crowns come in acrylic, gold, porcelain, resin, or a mix of these materials. Porcelain is one of the most popular choices because of its natural look. Placing a crown can take up to three visits over the course of a month. Maintenance of your crown involves regular oral care such as brushing and flossing every day. If we determine that a crown would best suit your needs, treatment may go as follows:

  • Numbing and removing the damaged areas of the tooth
  • Sculpting the tooth to an ideal shape
  • Creating an impression of the teeth
  • Creating and fitting a temporary crown for use until the permanent crown is made
  • Removing the temporary crown (one to two weeks later)
  • Applying the custom crown
  • Cementing the crown into place


A bridge can be used to fill gaps or spaces in the teeth. It often stretches between two crowns or anchor teeth. Bridges can be the perfect solution for protecting the remaining teeth and avoiding problems with the jaw or bite caused by periodontal disease. There are three types of bridges we can make for patients:

  • Fixed – A filler tooth attached to two crowns that are placed over existing teeth. This is the most popular option.
  • Maryland – Metal bands designed with composite resin to match tooth color are attached to abutment teeth and used to hold filler teeth in place. This is a common choice for missing front teeth.
  • Cantilever – Traditionally consisting of three units, this bridge often involves two crowned teeth next to each other and next to the missing tooth space. The filler tooth attaches to the crowned teeth. This is usually an option for those who have teeth on only one side of the missing span of teeth.

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