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Children's Snacks During the School Year

Sep 21

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016  RssIcon

School Snacks To Keep Kid's Teeth Safe

The summer is winding down and many schools are back in session. We know that many of our patients are enjoying seeing their friends again and getting back into the groove of the school year after a long summer. While starting school again is an exciting time, it is important to remember to keep your smile healthy. For parents, there are plenty of pressure to send kids back to school with easy that will keep them full and energized - but unfortunately, many of the available options can be troublesome for teeth. Here at Family Dental Associates, we are want to help. 

Choosing the Right School Snacks

Children get hungry during the school day, and many children have trouble focusing when they're hungry or don't have enough energy. It is common for busy parents to feel pressured to send their child to school with quick, easy snacks that are simple to get or make. Many of these snack options, however, aren't so friendly for teeth.
Many of the store-bought, single package snack options for kids – things like Cheez-Its crackers, gummy fruit snacks, Oreos, and the like – are loaded with carbs and sugars that can wreak havoc on teeth, causing dental decay and cavities. Instead, a better option is to make or buy snacks that are completely tooth friendly. This can include things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruits like apples and bananas, or healthy nut mixes and bars. In general, tooth-friendly snacks should be low in sugars and carbs and high in nutrition, as this will help to stem the growth of bacteria and keep teeth healthy and strong. Following these guidelines will help you choose snacks for your child that will keep their teeth healthy instead of damaging them.

Contact Your Margate, FL Family Dentist

If you have more questions about how to choose great foods for your child's teeth, we are always here to help. We strive to provide expert dental care at our office and stay available to our patients. You can call us at 954-973-0990 or reach out to us at our contact page with any questions, or request an appointment online at our Margate, FL office. We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you luck in choosing the right snacks for your child!

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