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Our goal first and foremost is to provide the best care to our patients in and around the Margate and Coconut Creek, Florida area. To accomplish this, we use various treatments, technologies, and techniques to give our patients the best smiles possible including but not limited to teeth cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, & tooth extractions. Below is a detailed list of our treatments we give to our clients in the field of general dentistry. Feel free to browse through them and gain a little more insight into the work we do and see if one of these is right for you!

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Tooth Extractions

Teeth Cleanings

Our teeth do so much for us, so we should do our best to keep them happy and healthy. One way to go about this is scheduling a routine teeth cleaning at least once per year. During your visit with us, one of our highly trained dental hygienists will perform an assessment as well as clean your teeth for you. This includes both plaque removal and a fluoride application. While plaque removal may not seem like an entirely big deal for those who brush regularly, it is important to emphasize that the tooth brush cannot reach everywhere in the mouth, while our hygienists can. In terms of fluoride use, this recent treatment has revolutionized the advancement of oral health in the dental care community. From studies done, it has been shown that fluoride can strengthen and rebuild tooth structure, as well as prevent future decay.


The primary function of a filling is to provide a material, which can restore or replace a damaged tooth. By replacing old metal fillings with our newer composite fillings, you simile will gain a much more natural feel to them. No longer will you have to be embarrassed about having a filling, as there is a good chance once you use our state of the art filling, others will be none the wiser.

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Root Canals


Root Canal therapy is needed when the pulp of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected. The root canal procedure involves opening the crown, removing the decayed pulp from the heart of the tooth, cleaning and reshaping the tooth and the root canals, and filling the subsequent hole with an artificial biocompatible filling material. A temporary filling is then used to seal the hole in the tooth until the procedure is deemed successful at which point a permanent filling is installed.

Root canals are a common procedure, and with the advancements in technology and anesthetics, the procedure is quite comfortable. Once the treatment is completed, a tooth will function normally. A root canal is a conservative treatment that enables you to keep your natural tooth structure and is preferable, for both a doctor and a patient, to the alternative- a tooth extraction.

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Tooth Extractions

General Extractions

A tooth extraction, or complete removal of a tooth, is necessary for any of the following reasons:

  • A primary tooth is preventing the normal eruption of a permanent tooth
  • If the tooth has suffered extensive tooth decay or trauma that cannot otherwise be repaired
  • If the patient has gum disease
  • If the tooth is impacted (this is usually the wisdom teeth)

Extractions can be performed both surgically and non-surgically depending on the severity of the case. A mild anesthesia is used to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth


Academically known as your third set of molars, the wisdom teeth come in around one early adult life (which is usually one’s late teens or early twenties). In most cases, the mouth is not equipped to accommodate the eruption of the third molars. Sometimes, the molars cannot erupt at all, a phenomenon called impaction. Wisdom teeth, if left untreated, will compromise the shape of the mouth and cause a host of problems for the individual.

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